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A Quick Guide on Planning Your Own Wedding

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Do you wish to plan your own wedding? You are not alone. There are lots of brides nowadays, whether for budget reasons or simply because they naturally love DIY project. However, as any professional planner and experienced bride to be will tell you, it is a whole lot of work to do. With so many looming decisions, deadlines, miles-long to do lists and budgets to manage, planning your own wedding event is not simple. So, how would you start if you are the bride, the executor, and the planner? Let this article be the guide.

Wedding Planning Guide

First and foremost, get inspired. Before you put the planning logistics on your own big day, you need to create a vision first, no matter how vague it is. One bride may choose to spend many days on Pinterest just to gather ideas, while the other one may find it useful to look for a handful of bridal books and magazines and mark down her favorite pages where she might get her idea from. Some brides might even just rely on advices from former bride friends and family members who have experienced this big even before. Whatever method you choose, your ultimate goal is to visualize how your big event will turn out, whether on a beach, on top of a mountain, or in an elegant ballroom. Once you already have solid ideas of what kind of bride you want to be on your special day, the decision making gets much easier from there.

However, even the most motivated and organized bride to bride to be can also feel thrown off course sometimes due to the pressure and chaos that comes with the process of wedding planning. That is the reason why it is always a good idea to set your strategy in place and plan far ahead of time so that big decisions will never come down until the very last minute.

From crafting your ultimate wedding vision board to creating a to do list of your month by month tasks, here are our helpful tips and tricks that can help any bride to be organize and plan the big wedding of ever girl’s dreams.

Start With a Reasonable Budget

Before you start diving into any nitty-gritty details, it is very important to figure out how your wedding will really cost. You should plan out the maximum cost you are able to spend on all wedding details, vendors and decorations you may have. Make sure that you set the right budget early and stick to it throughout your entire planning process.

Don’t Make Quick Decisions

After you are engaged, you will be filled with urges to book or buy everything as soon as possible. However, you need to remember that everything in your wedding shouldn’t be rushed. Try to spend quality time in getting to know your vendors even more before you choose to purchase products from them or hire their services. When it comes to choosing the date of your once in a lifetime event, choose the date that can give you enough time to save more money as well as plan your big event.

Ask Suggestions from Your Married Friends

The best individuals to talk to are those couples who recently got married. You can ask them about what they did right on their wedding and what they wish they have done differently. Consult with past brides whom you personally know for tricks and tips to be successful in planning your own wedding without skipping any important details or getting too pressured or stressed.

Stock Up on the Bridal Magazines

Try to get acquainted with all bridal stuffs like your local bridal magazines. In that way, you will get a quick look and stay up to date at current trends and more wedding industry news. Mark or fold down pages that has bridal items or ideas you like, or you can cut them out so you can make a bridal vision board.

Get to Pinning the Ideas You Like

If you have never used Pinterest app before, now is the best time. In that website or application, you can create multiple boards by scrolling out and pinning the best wedding ideas you fancy such as food options, catering services, DIY projects, as well as other things that you like. You can share your wedding vision board with people who like to help you out with your wedding plans.  This is a good way to have a clear vision of how you like your wedding to turn out.

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How to Choose the Right Catering Service Provider for Your Wedding

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Choosing the right catering services for your wedding is considered as one of the most important elements in planning your once in a lifetime event. The wedding day is a very important event in everyone’s lives and something that your guests will also remember. The important key is to find the best catering service provider that will create the best menu that matches your wedding’s style, at the right price.

wedding catering service

Do I Really Need a Caterer?

Seriously, you will need to hire the services of a professional catering company if your guests exceed20. You might not enjoy your event if you are running around worrying if all guests has had enough to eat or worrying about dirty dishes. Should you decide to look after the catering yourself, you can hire some people to serve and clear up. It is a money well spent and it’s probably best that you don’t accept the help that your invited guests’ offer. They are meant to be enjoying and celebrating with the bride and the groom. Try to ask from your friends or families for recommendations of expert catering service that will suit your budget, requirements, and preferences.

What Type of Catering Service Do I Need?

The refreshments and catering usually depends on the type of reception and venue you have decided on. A lot of venues can recommend catering services or they may even insist that you should use a particular catering service they know. But, for the marquee in some garden local restaurants, off licenses, bakers, and even supermarkets are more than willing to give you quotation.

Once you have found an ideal venue, the bride’s parents and or the couple itself should schedule an appointment with the staff in charge in order to discuss times, dates as well as the number of guests and specific prices of things that should be used in the event specifically the price of the meal as it is considered the biggest expense in your event’s budget.

Your catering service provider should also know the date of the wedding, number of guests, time of reception, as well as level of hospitality that you require to provide as well as your limit on charges per guest in order for them to supply you with the right quotations and ideas. Prices are usually per guest. Therefore, you should always ask for quotes and their confirmation of everything in a written document and carefully file your copies.

It is important that you give yourself enough time in order to compare catering services and get estimates about costs and facilities whenever necessary. Bear in that that catering services are tend to get booked up several months in advance. You definitely cannot hire them on the spot.

Word of Mouth

Your own experience of a catering’s service or a personal recommendation will always be the most ideal guide. If the catering service runs a hotel or a restaurant, sample a meal on their physical store before you make your decision. A lot of hotels will let you taste their suggested and client-preferred wedding menus at a reduced price or for free, once you have booked their services.

Doing the Paperwork

Once you have decided which catering service provider you will choose to hire, it is now time to confirm the details, specific times and dates in the written contract with that certain catering company .You should include a breakdown of prices for drinks, food, staff, corkage, travel expenses, delivery, service charges, equipment hire, etc. Insurance coverage is also vital.

Getting the staff

Avoid paying for wasted food by finalizing numbers with the catering service just before your wedding, most especially if there are last minute cancellations. Bear in mind that the catering staff (or you can hire other people) might also need to provide some services like taking coats, opening the door, looking after the coats, waitresses and waiters to hand round drink and food, a toast master to run the proceedings and announces guests, as well as someone to help with children guests.

Catering Checklist

When looking for a catering service, you should ask these questions before you choose to hire them:

  • What packages do you offer and what is the inclusion? Are your menus flexible? Do you offer a vegetarian alternative? Do you accommodate special dietary requirements?
  • Can you accommodate young guests?
  • How soon can you provide a menu tasting?
  • What kitchen facilities do you need?
  • Are you able to work creatively within my budget?
  • What will your staff wear?
  • What is the specific ration of staff to guests?
  • Are the serving staffs already included in the price?



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